Top 10 “Shark Tank Products” You Never Knew You Needed (Until Now)

Did you know? If you combine the top 20 products from the hit TV series Shark Tank over the last 11 years, you get a combined total of $1.8 BILLION in retail sales. Although the show’s massive popularity definitely gives these products a boost, there’s no question that each of them stands up on their own, with huge audiences of dedicated fans since their release. If

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How To Create A Strong Online Password You’ll Easily Remember

We all know we should have strong passwords. And yet… so many of us still use the same simple password we’ve been using for years. Even worse, we use the same password for multiple accounts! In fact, a recent survey found that 44% of people rarely or NEVER change their password… even though 64% have “weak” passwords. This could be why 1 in 5 people have

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This Device Instantly Detects Peanut & Gluten Traces In Food

Did you know that 1 out of 3 “gluten-free” dishes in restaurants actually contain gluten? It’s true – but before you raise your pitchfork, know that it’s not always their fault. For example, the waitstaff may be 100% correct that the salad you’re ordering is gluten free… however, the dressing contains gluten. Or, they simply may not be aware that common additives like modified food starch,

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